Meet Neely Sood

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Neely Sood

Neely Sood, Team Member at the BrownDaniel Team, makes her home in Atlanta, GA after growing up in London, England. Neely understands British hospitality and works tirelessly to create a win-win outcome for clients on the buying and selling end of the real estate transactions she has a hand in. With a family of her own, Neely understands the specific desires families have when searching for that “perfect” home or selling a home that has been the setting of so many memories.

Get ready for some dry British humor from Neely! This intuitive, funny and charismatic agent will have you at ease in no time!  When it’s time to get serious though, Neely is right on top of things. Her drive to serve her clients in the most efficient and effective way possible is evident in her hardworking, detail-oriented work ethic.

A few fun facts about Neely:

Favorite Ways to Relax: Spending quality time with her family
Favorite place in Atlanta: Her Home
Favorite restaurant in Atlanta: True Food Kitchen (Buckhead)
Favorite Atlanta park: Piedmont Park
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
Favorite Movie: Casablanca