Your New Home – Prioritizing Renovations

Tiffany Staples Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

If you have purchased a home that might need some major renovations or a total renovation, creating a list and prioritizing just might be in your future. Of course the best case scenario is to get it all done at one time, before you move in, but for most of us, that’s not a reality. So how do you choose which renovation project to do before another?

Tips to Prioritize Home Renovations

Here are a few tips to help you build your renovation list and start to prioritize your renovations:

1. Determine what projects HAVE to be done right away.
Items like repairs or structural issues should come first and foremost over any cosmetic renovations. If you can’t get all of your issues fixed at once, decide which one(s) have to be fixed in order to be used. If you can avoid using one bathroom while you fix a bigger issue in your kitchen, prioritize the renovation that way.

2. Determine which cosmetic projects will add the most value.
Nobody wants to think this way, but if your circumstances were to change sooner than you bargained, you might need to turn your home around quickly. Choosing renovations that add the most value over others that are strictly desired renovations might put you in a better situation, should that ever occur. For example, updating an outdated master bathroom will add more value than changing the color of your existing granite in the kitchen.

3. Determine which projects you can do yourself. 
Choosing which projects need to be hired out versus which projects can be completed by you might move certain items up or down your list. If you plan to add trim to a small room or paint the walls of your home, you might be able to complete those task before a larger remodeling task. Bigger jobs will require more time and should be prioritized based off of available time as well.

4. Be realistic with your finances.
You might REALLY want new flooring, but it just might not be in your budget. Prioritize smaller renovation projects over something like new flooring until you are able to incorporate the cost into your budget.

5. Don’t forget to make it livable! 
Living through a renovation can be incredibly stressful! If you are living in the home, don’t make unrealistic goals or set lofty expectations for the completion of your project. Make sure you have a backup for each renovation that won’t displace you. You don’t want to go without a kitchen for more than a week or two!