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Whether listing your home or looking to buy one schools can be a driving point in determining a home’s value, and so it is important to know where the schools in your area rank, whether it be where you currently live or where you are looking to move. Below are links to resources that will be helpful in researching your school district, to include ratings, reviews, school information, and links to test scores. With fluctuating boundaries a possibility it is important to ultimately contact the school district directly to verify that the home is still within the borders of that particular district. is a national non-profit whose mission is to support families in championing their children’s education – at school, at home and in the community. The GreatSchools Rating compares schools based on student test scores on standardized tests within the state and other information, including academic grown & college readiness. Ratings are based on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Ratings grouped 1-3 indicate “below average”, 4-7 “average” and 8-10 “above average”. Use the link provided to compare schools in your area.

GreatSchools website

Georgia Department of Education’s website offers extensive information regarding all areas of education to include programs, testing, special needs, curriculum, awards, scholarships, and nutrition, just to name a few. You may also explore alternative education choices, such as charter schools & home study, as well as profession learning & migrant education. Contact GA DOE directly by calling 404-656-2800, toll free 1-800-311-3627 or you can email to

Georgia Department of Education website

Public School Review provides links to over 100,000 schools across the US, allowing you to search by town, school or district. You will find information on student to teacher ratio, area statistics, demographic, graduation rates and district spending.

Public School Review website

Private School Review is a great resource for identifying types of private schools and the benefits of private education, as well as offer a review of school life, has helpful admission tips & financial aid assistance, and tips for evaluating schools.

Private School Review website


The National Center for Education Statistics is another great resource for researching public schools as well as private schools. In addition you are able to expand your research to include post-secondary education and programs.

National Center for Education Statistics website