Your New Home – Helping Fido Adjust to His New Digs

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Your dog’s wishes might not be a huge factor in determining the home you purchase, but there are a few things to think about when moving fido into his new digs. Here are some simple tips to help your dog adjust to his new surroundings:

Tips for how to help your dog adjust to a new home and new space.

1. Bring his “smells” into the new home.
Consider washing your dog’s bed and/or toys a few days prior to moving day so that you don’t have to move dirty items into your nice, new home. This will allow your dog a few days to infuse his/her scent back into the bedding or toys. When you move the items, be sure to provide those (not new) items to your dog right away so that he knows his items are welcome in the space.

2. Establish spaces in the home that are “safe” zones or “no-go” zones right away.
Just like human children, your furry little friend thrives on knowing their boundaries. Where they can and cannot go and what they should and shouldn’t do. Establish these zones in your new house early on – the earlier the better. Allow your dog to explore or their curiosity will be peaked and you will find them sneaking into “no-go” spaces in your new home, but also establish rules that they are not to be in certain spaces on a regular basis.

3. Be Patient.
Often, dogs (and other animals) will behave in ways other than how they are normally accustomed to when they move. They may be less apt to listen to commands or regress in training. Be patient. Reinforce previous training methods and follow through with consistency in training. It might seem like your animal will never adjust to your new space – be consistent and be patient.

4. Provide additional opportunities for attention.
Packing, moving, and unpacking is exhausting and nerve-wracking! Calm your nerves and the nerves of your dog with a few extra minutes of attention. As little as five minutes can help your dog relax in their new home. Take them for a walk around your new neighborhood so they can get used to the traffic patterns, smells and surroundings where they now live.

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