Last Minute Shopping Tips for Those Last Minute Shoppers

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Doing some last minute shopping to finish off those Christmas lists? Never fear! It doesn’t have to be a bad experience – follow these simple tips for last minute shopping and make their dreams come true this Holiday season.

1. Time Your Shopping Just Right
Shoppers that are at the stores early in the morning or late at night might experience shorter wait times and an easier shopping experience. With some stores staying open 24 hours, it may be best to pop in to a store for some last minute shopping an hour or two before morning rush hour.

2. Shop Local. Favor Smaller, Local Boutiques over Larger Shopping Mall Venues
People like shopping malls for the convenience of finding multiple items in one place. However, if your goal is to get in and get out with your last minute shopping, then think small and think local! Small boutiques not only offer personal customer service, which might come in handy if you are still on the fence for a few of your gifts, but because the stores tend to be less crowded, you won’t have to worry about disgruntled last minute shoppers.

3. Need a Specific Item? Check Store Inventory Online
Store inventory management systems are becoming better at predicting store inventory levels for specific items and passing that knowledge on to you. Many stores now offer the ability to check inventory of specific items online prior to running to the store in person.

4. Buy Online – Pick Up in Store
If that specific item is available in the store, purchasing online and simply picking up the item in the store might be the easiest transaction you place. Not only does it save time, but it will drastically cut your wait time.