Your New Home – Reducing Clutter Before it Starts

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Moving out of a residence and into a new home can be a great time to help you purge any items from your past that you don’t need – unnecessary papers, outdated electronics, children’s toys and even outdated furnishings. You promise yourself that you won’t give in to the temptation to stuff “things” into places they don’t belong at the new house, but you aren’t quite sure you can uphold that bargain. The key: reduce the clutter before it starts!

Try these simple tips for organizing your new space:

1. Think it through. 
Where will the majority of your mail be sorted in the new home? Will you have an office or will you bring it to your kitchen counter? Regardless of the space, a sorting system is a must! Try a simple hanging multi-file sorter on a wall or invest in a desk sorter. If you are collecting items for multiple persons in your household, designate a tray or file for each person and remind them to check it regularly.

2. Learn from experience. 
Was one room in your old house the overflow room? Did EVERYTHING end up in this one room, or even one drawer? Don’t let that happen. Consider the items that were littered all over the place. What would help you organize or contain them? Buying decorative shelving, storage bins or even a new piece of functional storage furniture might be in your future.

3. Designate a day of the week to clean out unneeded items.
This might sound a bit intense, to do this every week. However, if you get in the habit of going through the items each week, you won’t have an opportunity to accumulate that much stuff. A big bonus – it will take less time than a major clean up once per month!

4. Adopt a new rule: If you don’t need it – don’t bring it in the house.
You can’t always control this, but it’s pretty easy to simply leave something you don’t need sitting on your counter. Instead of letting it collect dust and take up valuable space in your home, don’t even let it in. That newspaper you know you won’t read? Recycle it! Your child’s soccer cleats that he needs for practice tomorrow? Leave them in a basket in the trunk of your car so they will be there when he needs them and there’s less of chance he will forget them.